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Aesthetics, Empathy and Education

Edited By Boyd White and Tracie Constantino

«Empathy must be part of education because knowledge without it is incomplete» (Swanger, Essays in Aesthetic Education, 1990).
Aesthetics, Empathy and Education pursues Swanger’s assertion in myriad ways. The text is divided into four sections. The first addresses research methodology from widely differing perspectives. The second section scrutinizes research again, this time addressing the self as the research subject. The third section takes a more specifically philosophical approach to the topic, challenging some underlying assumptions about education and empathy. Finally, the fourth section looks at classroom practice. Aesthetics, Empathy and Education is essential reading for pre-service teachers, graduate students and instructors.
Contents: Liora Bresler: The Spectrum of Distance: Empathic Understanding and the Pedagogical Power of the Arts – Terry Barrett: Writing Towards Empathy – Laura Evans: Food for Thought: Idiom, Empathy, and Context in Lauren Greenfield’s THIN – Sherry Mayo: Art in the Expanded Field: Notions of Empathy, Aesthetic Consciousness, and Implications for Education – Indrani Margolin: Expanding Empathy Through Dance – Boyd White: Pay Attention, Pay Attention, Pay Attention – David Swanger: Notes on Empathy in Poetry – Sean Wiebe: Aesthetic/Empathetic Punctures Through Poetry: A Lacanian Slip into Something Other Than Education – Donald Blumenfeld-Jones: Johnson, Levinas, and Sensibility: An Aesthetic Avenue to Ethics? – Juli Kramer: Multisensory Aesthetic Experiences and the Development of Empathy: The Big Bad Wolf’s Not So Bad After All – Tom Anderson/Anniina Suominen Guyas: Earth Education: Interbeing and Empathy for Mother Earth – Tracie Costantino: Cultivating the Social Imagination of Preservice Teachers Through Aesthetic Reflection – Lauren Phillips/Richard Siegesmund: Teaching What We Value: Care as an Outcome of Aesthetic Education – Richard Hickman: Empathy and Art Education.