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Generation BULLIED 2.0

Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Our Most Vulnerable Students


sj Miller, Leslie David Burns and Tara Star Johnson

Bullying is a contemporary wildfire of a social problem that continues to burn, scar, and even kill U.S. schoolchildren on a daily basis. Not only do the targets of bullying suffer in their abilities to grow, learn and succeed; so do bystanders, and even the bullies themselves. Generation BULLIED 2.0 details the nature of bullying as a tremendously negative force in schools today and offers practical, research-based strategies for constructing and cultivating cultures that support learning, safety, and dignity for everyone. Analyzing the nature and inadequacy of current anti-bullying policies, Generation BULLIED 2.0 explores how stereotyping and other negative behaviors are reinforced and sustained in both large and small ways at school. Its critical narratives of commonly bullied individuals and groups are representative of events that transpire every day across the country’s education system. Focusing on the most common targets of bullying: race, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, physical and mental disability, and cyber-abuse, this book does not offer simplistic solutions. Instead, it offers empowerment to readers while providing tools for elevating social justice and preventing bullying from taking root as a supposedly «normal» part of life in our society.
Contents: sj Miller: Where Are We Now? The Current State of Bullying in the United States – sj Miller/James R. Gilligan: The Distressing Realities About Queer-Related (LGBTQGV) Bullying – Tara Star Johnson/Elana Cutter: Bullies and Bodies: Addressing Weight Discrimination – Joseph John Morgan/Deanna Adams: Bullying and Students with Disabilities: The Bully, the Bullied, and the Misunderstood – Tyrone Rivers/Dorothy Espelage: Black Ritual Insults: Causing Harm or Passing Time? – Rodrigo Joseph Rodríguez: Bullying and Harassment Prevention in the Lives of Latina and Latino Students – sj Miller/Stephanie Beyer: Cyber-Digital Bullying – Leslie David Burns: The Consequences of Bullying and Anti-Bullying Interventions for Individual and School Success – sj Miller: The Broader Contexts of Bullying: Disrupting Bullying Through Preventive and Interventionist Policy – sj Miller: Shifting the Tide of Bullying Through Teacher Education: Tools for the Classroom.