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Becoming an Integrated Educational Leader


Michelle Rosser and Tom Massey

Becoming an Integrated Educational Leader is a must-read for current K–12 educators, preparing and current teachers who want to be leaders in their schools and communities. This powerful book provides insights into gaining a better understanding of our educational system and how this has affected our current status through political and cultural events of our past, as well as understanding critical pedagogy that supports learners in this system. It also describes a better understanding of the physical and emotional blockades experienced by educators and how to be a complete leader. Michelle Rosser, an activist in educational change and relational theory development, and Tom Massey, a corporate trainer and performance coach, team up to deliver uplifting and honest truths to educators that will not only effectively communicate important tools for teaching, but also enlighten the individual to discover the powerful influence they possess as educators.
Contents: The Integrated Leadership Model – Integration Through Self-Awareness 51 – Integration Through Social Awareness and Management – Developing the Leader in You.