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Intercultural Spaces

Language, Culture, Identity

Aileen Pearson-Evans and Angela Leahy

Contents: Diane Davies: Brian Friel’s Translations: codes, codification and (inter)cultural spaces – Susanne Ehrenreich: Living and teaching in intercultural spaces: a close(r) look at the impact of the assistant experience on prospective foreign language teachers – Catherine Emerson: Pis(s)ing on intercultural boundaries: Manneken-Pis and cultural identity – Angela Chambers/Shaun Nolan: The concept of culture in la Francophonie: myth and reality – Bernadette O’Rourke: Support for the societal presence of minority languages and as symbols of identitiy: assessing the views of Irish and Galician student groups – Andrzej Kurtyka: From language to culture: on the intercultural dimension of foreign language learning and teaching – Dora Carpenter Latiri: The Islamic scarf in France today: an issue of interculturalism – Cordula Politis: The encounter between Christendom and Islam in Wolfram’s Willehalm – Andrew O’Shea: The Lysistrata Project: intercultural restistance and the economy of sacrifice – Jennifer Bruen/Juliette Péchenart/Veronica Crosbie: Have Portfolio, Will Travel: the intercultural dimension of the European Language Portfolio – Annika Lindskog: Current thinking on language and collective identity in Sweden – Phyllis Gaffney: Une terrible beauté, or 1916 and all that: French fictional representations of modern Irish history – Georg Grote: South Tyrol in the 20th century: retaining ethnicity between nationalism and regionalism – Brigitte Le Juez: Challenging fantasies of the Orient in Pépé le Moko by Julien Duvivier (1936) – Lixin Xiao: A study on perceptual match and mismatch between Chinese EFL students and their teachers – Timofei Agarin: Post-Soviet community building in the Baltic States – Vera Sheridan: Loneliness or satisfaction: tracing the path of cross-cultural adaptation by members of the Vietnamese community in Ireland – Elizabeth Murphy-Lejeune: Identity, culture and language learning: the benefits of a mobility capital – Julia Hathaway: Rights, choices and values: voyages through intercultural spaces.