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The Language of Conferencing

Eija Ventola, Celia Shalom and Susan Thompson

This book focuses on a hitherto neglected area of research within the fields of academic and professional discourse: the language of conferencing. The volume represents a range of perspectives, from the conference as a whole event to the conference as a system of potential genres, within a given discourse community. Some discourse features of conference language are examined in detail, such as strategies for politeness and other interpersonal management during presentations and discussions. The pedagogical implications of conference research are also addressed; and indeed there is a growing need for such a focus. Novice conference participants need explicit linguistic description of and training in, the relevant genres to enable them to become fully-fledged members of their professional discourse communities. Additionally, the work in this volume makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of the intercultural and educational dimensions of the increasing dominance of English as an international lingua franca – in conferences and beyond.
Contents: Eija Ventola/Celia Shalom/Susan Thompson: Introduction – Eija Ventola: Why and what kind of focus on conference presentations? – Celia Shalom: The academic conference: A forum for enacting genre knowledge – Christine Räisänen: The conference forum: A system of interrelated genres and discursive practices – Elizabeth Rowley-Jolivet: Science in the making: Scientific conference presentations and the construction of facts – Anni Heino/Eija Tervonen/Jorma Tommola: Metadiscourse in academic conference presentations – Susan Thompson: ‘As the story unfolds’: The uses of narrative in research presentations – Cassily Charles/Eija Ventola: A multi-semiotic genre: The conference slide show – Monique Frobert-Adamo: Humour in oral presentations: what’s the joke? – Pauline Webber: The paper is now open for discussion – Irena Vassileva: Speaker-audience interaction: the case of Bulgarians presenting in English – Tatyana Yakhontova: Titles of conference presentation abstracts: a cross-cultural perspective – Viktor Slepovitch: English as a conference language for students of business in Belarus: Problems, solutions and prospects – David Banks: The French scientist and English as a conference language – Eija Ventola: Should I speak English or German? - Conferencing and language code issues – Eija Ventola/Celia Shalom/Susan Thompson: Afterword.