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Effective Foreign Language Teaching at the Primary Level

Focus on the Teacher


Manuel Jiménez Raya, Pamela Faber, Wolfgang Gewehr and Antony J. Peck

This book focuses on the most recent methodological developments and views in the field of foreign language teaching with issues concerning mainly the foreign language teacher. Its aim is to lead teachers to a better understanding of their own assets, beliefs, and values, and to help them to improve their competencies.
It deals with both the methodological and language preparation of teachers in order to give them a deeper understanding of the process of teaching and learning languages at the primary level. The first part of the book presents several papers about different methodological issues, linking theory and practice. The education of the teacher from a linguistic and a methodological point of view is the main focus. The next section of the book deals with research in language teaching, teacher education, and language. Finally the last section brings together four papers dealing with classroom teaching and the role of observation in teacher education.
Effective Foreign Language Teaching at the Primary Level is of interest to teachers, teacher trainers and student teachers as it analyses important questions such as the nature of language teaching, the specific skills needed, the creation of an appropriate environment for teaching, and the use of materials and resources. Teachers can find both theoretical reflections and practical suggestions for the classroom by experts from several countries in the light of most recent research and thinking.

BIC Classifications

  • Language (C)
    • linguistics (CF)
      • Psycholinguistics (CFD)
        • Language acquisition (CFDC)
  • English language teaching (ELT) (E)
    • ELT background & reference material (EB)
  • Society & social sciences (J)
    • Education (JN)
      • Study & learning skills: general (JNZ)

BISAC Classifications

  • Education (EDU)
    • EDUCATION / Language Experience Approach (EDU018000)
  • Foreign Language Study (FOR)
    • FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / English as a Second Language (FOR007000)
  • Language Arts & Disciplines (LAN)
    • LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Study & Teaching (LAN020000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Language & Linguistics (C)
    • Linguistics (CF)
      • Psycholinguistics (CFD)
        • Language acquisition (CFDC)
    • Language teaching & learning (CJ)
      • Language teaching theory & methods (CJA)
      • Language teaching & learning material & coursework (CJB)
        • Language learning: grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation (CJBG)
  • Society & Social Sciences (J)
    • Education (JN)
      • Study & learning skills: general (JNZ)
  • Children’s, Teenage & Educational (Y)
    • Educational material (YP)
      • Educational: Language, literature & literacy (YPC)
        • Educational: modern (non-native) languages (YPCK)
          • Educational: modern (non-native) languages: language learning (YPCK2)
  • Language qualifiers (2)
    • Indo-European languages (2A)
      • Germanic & Scandinavian languages (2AC)
        • English (2ACB)