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Lifelong Learning: One Focus, Different Systems


Klaus Harney, Anja Heikkinen, Sylvia Rahn and Michael Schemmann

The articles on different subjects of the broader theme «lifelong learning» represent the latest results of the discussions of the «Vocational Education and Culture Research Network». The contributions, written by authors from six European countries, mention nearly the whole spectrum of issues and arguments distinguishing the current debate on lifelong learning. The publication includes therefore questions of biographies as well as system-oriented approaches, it refers to international comparisons as well as to country studies, to self-organised and -directed learning as well as to the role of institutions, to gender aspects as well as to the importance of age.
Contents: M. Singh: The Global and International Discourse of Lifelong Learning from the Perspective of UNESCO – M. Schemmann: Lifelong Learning as a Global Formula – K. Kraus: Lifelong Learning between Educational Policy and Pedagogy – P. Gonon: Lifelong Learning - a Concept or a Slogan? – A. Lindgren: Lifelong Learning in a Changing World – K. Brause, C. Mayer: Lifelong Learning and Gender: An Old Problem in a New Context? – S. Michelsen, H. Høst: Some Remarks on Norwegian Vocational Education and Training – A. Heikkinen, L. Henriksson: Paradoxes in the Manufacturing of a Life Long Learning Employee for Organizations – D. Schulte: Vocational Orientation and the Process of Lifelong Learning – S. Drodge: Vocational Education, Lifelong Learning and Social Change in Old Industrial Regions – M. Reinecke: Different Understandings of Lifelong Learning: An Unbalanced Analysis of Employees’ and Employers’ Perspectives – B. Kaßebaum: Lifelong Learning from the Trade Unions’ Perspective – T. Deissinger: Different Approaches to Lifelong Learning in Britain and Germany – S. Rahn: Lifelong Learing - the End of the «Beruf»? – R. Husemann: Differentiation of Working and Learning Time – K. Harney: Adaptation of Career and Work Experience throughout the Life Course – O. Olsen: Similarities Between Systems - Huge Differences Between Academic Fields.