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Civilization of Work

The Necessity for a Socio-Ethical Foundation of a True Civilization of Work in Nigeria and the Methods of its Realisation


Callistus V. C. Onaga

Civilization of Work is all about change in the existing work culture. The immanent tension between labour and capital, performance and profit, producer and product, employer and employee, could be minimized if the labour market and the labour process are founded on and informed by an appropriate socio-ethical work culture that propagates the integrity and dignity of man. Based on this, the socio-economic and historical approach in the research recaptures and analyses the work situation in Nigeria in the lime light of the tenets of the document «Libertatis conscientia». The result is a suggestive guideline for a new work culture – Civilization of work.
The Author: Callistus V. C. Onaga is a catholic priest of the diocese of Enugu, Nigeria. Shortly after his priestly ordination, he travelled to Germany, where he specialised in pastoral sociology and Christian social teaching at the University of Bonn. In December 2000 he defended his doctoral thesis in the same University.