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Investigations into Narrative Structures


Christian Todenhagen and Wolfgang Thiele

The contributors to this volume approach narrative structures in an broad sense and from different theoretical and methodological points of view. The aspects of the narrative they emphasize are as diverse as pragmatic, cultural, poetic, diachronic, folkloristic or gender specific. The papers are addressed to scholars of the philologies, translatology, sociology, semiotics and to students of English and of other languages. A number of essays will also stir the imagination of the interested undergraduate student.
Contents: Peter Hühn: Reading Poetry as Narrative: Towards a Narratological Analysis of Lyric Poems – Peter Kastberg: Instructive Narration - Narrative Instruction: On some Narrative Aspects of an Instruction Manual – Wolfgang Lörscher: Discourse and Conversation Analysis: The British and the American Perspective – Albrecht Neubert: The Narration of Translation – Hartmut Stöckl: From Space to Time into Narration - Cognitive and Semiotic Perspectives on the Narrative Potential of Visually Structured Text – Christian Todenhagen: «And» Capitalized in Written Narratives – Martin Trautwein: A Unified Approach to the (Re-)Construction of Temporal Sequences in Narrative Texts – Frank Austermühl: ‘Creating Hope’ - Narrative Structures in Bill Clinton’s Rhetoric – Bernhard Diensberg: Narrative Structures in William Langland’s Piers Plowman – Horst W. Drescher/Wolfgang Thiele: Scots Philosopher Meets Swiss Protestant Clergyman in France: Story of La Roche – Gottfried Graustein: Nominal Complexity and Variation – Andrea Lerner: (E)merging Stories – Clausdirk Pollner: Draculanguage: Varieties of English in Bram Stoker’s Novel – Ingrid Schäfer/Astrid Thiele: Narrative Characteristics of the Russian Bylina – Elmar Schenkel: Unwritten Texts: H.G. Wells’s Exploration of Narrative in his Early Essays – Harriet Spiegel: A Twelfth Century Rape Narrative and its Transformations – Günter Weise: Narrative Transformations: The Case of «Little Red Riding-Hood» – Klaus H. Schmidt: Resonance, Resistance, Real-Life Encounters: (Narrative) Boundary-Crossing in the Early American Contact Zone.