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International Perspectives on Business Communication

From Past Approaches to Future Trends

Axel Satzger and Gina Poncini

Contents: Brigitte Georgi-Findlay: Americanization and Globalization – Iris I. Varner/Teresa Palmer: Successful Intercultural Work Teams: The Role of Human Resource Management – Ofelia Anna Palermo: Interpersonal Communication and Knowledge Management – George G. Angelopolu: Scalable Competency in the Communication Profession – Annikki Koskensalo: The Functionality of Business Letters in the Face of Globalisation – Birgitte Norlyk: Professional Culture and Professional Discourse – Philip Shaw/Paul Gillaerts/J. Piet Verckens: An Empirical Investigation of the Intercultural Validity of Prescriptive Business Pragmatics – Kathleen Vance/Dale Fitzpatrick: How to Take Part in Formal and Informal Meetings: The Language and Cultural Skills for Giving and Receiving Information in the Workplace – Barbara A. Wilson: The Disposition to Think Critically among Business Communication Students – Jana O’Keefe Bazzoni: Case Project Enactment Competencies: Individual and Team-Building Strategies – Uta Thürmer: Teaching English for Business and Economics as a Foreign Special Language – Maria Teresa Zanola: How to Succeed in Business Communication: Developing Argumentative Strategies and Dominating Persuasive Techniques – Winfried Lange: Dynamics of Functional and Cultural Approaches in Courses for Technical Translators – Yunxia Zhu/Herbert Hildebrandt: Greek Rhetorical Theory: Linguistic and Rhetorical Foundations of Modern Communication – Annalisa Zanola Macola: Vocal and Gesture Delivery in Business Communication: From the Past to the Future – Carson Varner: Liberal Democracy and Business and Legal Limitations on Professional Speech – Eva Stahlheber: Interculturally Speaking: Business Role Models across the Ages. Prestige Countries and Their Format Policies, with Respect to Science Magazines.