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Towards the Learning Society

Educational Issues


Palmira Juceviciene, Gediminas Merkys and Gerd-Bodo Reinert von Carlsburg

In what ways should the liberal democracy be fostered in the country in transition, which terminated with the autocratic regime only a decade ago? How to respond to the challenges of globalisation and development of European dimensions to societies, organizations and every individual life. How to avoid the problems of social exclusion? This book is searching for answers to these questions taking into account liberal education, the changing conception of learning, reforms of universities and schools as well as socio-educational work. The book is divided into four sections. The first section is designed for liberal education as a facilitator of the democratic development. The second section traces the challenges for a changing university in the aspect of globalisation. The third section deals with the problems of educational change on a way to a learning society in the aspect of management and the market. The fourth section embraces the papers on new approaches in education for social and cultural development.
Contents: Vitalija Tumėnienė: The Exchange of Cultural Values as the Context of Teacher’s Activity – Diana Lipinskienė: Examination of the Role of Socialization in Liberal Education – Ilona Skersienė: Examination of Some Educational Requirements for Liberal Education – Nijolė Čiučiulkienė: Implications of Teaching and Schooling of a Liberal Democratic Conception of Education – Gerd-Bodo Reinert von Carlsburg: Erfahrung - Beobachtung - Bewertung. Selbstbestimmtes Lernen durch teilnehmerorientierte Seminararbeit – Auksė Markevičienė: Challenges for a Changing University in the Globalized World – Regina Novikienė: The Values of the University in a Liberal Democratic Society: Critical Exploration – Gintarė Tautkevičienė: Changes in the Role of the University Library in the Context of Transformation in Educational Paradigm – Virginija Chreptavičienė: Business Communication Competence and the Landmarks for its Development in University Studies – Audronė Poškienė: Critical Pedagogy and Language Learning/Teaching in the Context of University Change – Inga Meškauskienė: Zur Einflussnahme deutsch-litauischer Handelsbeziehungen auf die litauische Sprachpolitik – Raimonda Minkutė-Henricson: Testing Motivational Mechanism: The Expression of its Peculiarities at University Studies – Brigita Janiūnaitė: Educational Innovations as a Means of Educational Changes: Problematic Aspects of Conceptualizing, Locating and Assessing Educational Innovations – Brigita Stanikūnienė: Critical Exploration of a Proper Role of Market Forces in Adult Education – Nijolė Bankauskienė/Nijolė Čiučiulkienė/Liuda Šiaučiukėnienė: Verbal Communication Aspects in the Process of Educating in Philology in the Context of New Educational Mentality – Vilma Žydžiūnaitė: Vocational Education in Post-Industrial Age: In Defense of a Broad Conception of Vocational Education? – Marija Jotautienė: Vocational Education, Market and Values: Analysis of Some Key Issues – Dalija Gudaitytė: Transition from the Elite to Mass Higher Education: Problems and Perspectives – Eglė Katiliūtė: Ethics of Social Order for Education as a Controversy in a Pluralistic Democratic Society – Palmira Jucevičienė: An Integrative Approach to the Theory and Practice of Social Work – Vilija Adaškevičienė: Controversies Related to the Development of National Identity in the Curriculum of Lithuanian Common School in the Context of European Dimension – Vilma Staskevičienė: Changes in Lithuanian System of Children Care and a New Perception of Foster Care – Gediminas Merkys/Diana Šaparnienė: Students’ Computer Literacy and Social Environment in the Context of the Society with Limited Resources – Kirsten Hoffmann/Gerd-Bodo Reinert von Carlsburg: Lernen in der Informationsgesellschaft - ein Leben lang – Irena Leliūgienė/Viktorija Baršauskienė: Professionalisation of Lithuanian Socio-Educational Work in the Context of Modernisation of the Lithuanian Education System.