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Interdisciplinarity and Languages

Current Issues in Research, Teaching, Professional Applications and ICT


Edited By Francisca Antonia Suau Jiménez and Barry Pennock Speck

This volume offers a state-of-the-art view of research into interdisciplinarity, language and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by providing an overview of teaching proposals within a university context. Interdisciplinarity is understood here as how language expresses the discourse and lexis of specialised knowledge in science, technology and the professions. Language helps in the creation of these different fields and constitutes a strategic tool that, if harnessed correctly, will facilitate competitiveness on an international level in order to boost technological, scientific, economic and educational growth. Interdisciplinarity, language and ICTs should be taken into account to address the real needs of industry, commerce and translation in educational institutions and the professions.
The contributions in this volume address themes that are crucial to the demands of modern society: intercultural business communications, one of the most challenging areas of specialised discourse and commerce; ICT and specialised translation, a current issue of the utmost relevance; terminology applied to translation; language acquisition in virtual environments; training interpreters through ICT; exploring the commercial needs of language industries; corpus-based research and ICT applications in specialised dictionaries; university e-learning courses; and the state of research on specialised languages in Latin America.

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