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English as an Academic Language in Europe

A Survey of its Use in Teaching


Ulrich Ammon and Grant McConnell

This book deals with the spread of English as an academic language in Europe and in particular its use as a language of teaching. First, it depicts the historical development of the rise of English in academia in the course of the 20th century. Then it focuses on its more recently acquired function as an additional language of teaching at university level. This comprehensive survey of European countries, but mainly the present and future member countries of the European Union, shows to what extent English has made inroads as a language of university teaching, but it also provides figures on French and German and occasionally other languages in the teaching function. An in-depth study into the new International Study Programs in Germany reveals both.
Contents: History of the rise of English as the dominant language of science – Comprehensive Survey of the use of English and other languages of university teaching in non-Anglophone European Countries – In-depth investigaton of the new international study programs in Germany – Problems and trends in the use of English and other languages of university teaching.