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Faith in an Age of Reason and Science


Ferdinand Nwaigbo

The aim of this book is to heal the old rift between faith and reason, and to open a new horizon for faith and science in the New Age. It is a moving dialogue designed to promote a proper understanding between faith and science, and to stimulate a living faith in God in a human community. It addresses such issues as the structure of faith, the elements of faith, the relation of faith to reason, ideology, miracle, science, education and human economy. It shows, through detailed analysis of key ideologies of science, and the critique of the modern science, how science viewed faith, life and society. The train-of-thought did not simply criticize ideologies intricate in sciences in the quest for providing a critique of scientific ideologies, but it affirmed scientific values. In a broader context, science and technology possess their values as means of overcoming poverty, economic stagnation and they form pathways to self-reliant economy, and ways of joint sharing of the goods of this world. The discussion succinctly links African society to sound university education as means of scientific and economic development at dawn of the twenty-first-century.
Contents: Faith and reason at the cross-roads of history – Faith and reason: some thoughts for today – Growth and rise of the ideas of modern science – Scientific ideologies at the dawn of a new age – Ideology, science and economic interests – Healing by miraculous faith or medical science? – Faith and science and the task of theology – Faith and science partners in a dialogue – Faith, science and future of african society.