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Corpus Linguistics by the Lune

A Festschrift for Geoffrey Leech


Andrew Wilson, Paul Rayson and Tony McEnery

Geoffrey Leech is one of the pioneers of modern computer corpus linguistics. This Festschrift contains contributions from colleagues around the world who have been influenced, in various ways, by the approaches to language and text which Geoff pioneered. Many of the contributions focus (both synchronically and diachronically) on the English language, which has been Geoff’s main interest throughout his career. However, work on Polish, French, Biblical Greek, and Creole studies is also reported, which demonstrates the influence that Geoff has had on scholars outside of English linguistics. The papers in this book – all given at the Corpus Linguistics 2001 conference held in Geoff’s honour – cover a wide range of topics and applications within corpus linguistics, including corpus building and annotation, lexicology, syntax, sociolinguistics, stylistics and pragmatics.
Contents: Bas Aarts/Evelien Keizer/Mariangela Spinillo/Sean Wallis: Which or what? A study of interrogative determiners in present-day English – Karin Aijmer: Discourse particles in contrast: the case of in fact and actually – Dawn Archer/Jonathan Culpeper: Sociopragmatic annotation: New directions and possibilities in historical corpus linguistics – Ylva Berglund/Oliver Mason: «But this formula doesn’t mean anything...!?» – Douglas Biber/Susan Conrad/Viviana Cortes: Lexical bundles in speech and writing: an initial taxonomy – Raymond Hickey: Tracking lexical change in present-day English – Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk/Michael P. Oakes/Paul Rayson: Annotated Corpora for Assistance with English-Polish Translation – Stanley E. Porter/Matthew B. O’Donnell: Theoretical issues for corpus linguistics and the study of ancient languages – Helena Raumolin-Brunberg: Temporal aspects of language change: what can we learn from the CEEC? – Geoffrey Sampson: Reflections of a dendrographer – Hans-Jörg Schmid: Do women and men really live in different cultures? Evidence from the BNC – Mark Sebba/Susan Dray: Is it Creole, is it English, is it valid? Developing and using a corpus of unstandardised written language – Mick Short: A Corpus-based Approach to Speech, Thought and Writing Presentation – Jean Véronis: Sense tagging: does it make sense? – Anne Wichmann/Richard Cauldwell: Wh Questions and attitude: the effect of context.