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Africa and Europe: En/Countering Myths

Essays on Literature and Cultural Politics


Carlotta von Maltzan

The contributions in this volume examine literary and other texts as well as cultural and political discourses in relation to issues of identity formation and dis-formation, of self and society and of the socially local within the global. All these issues come into play through the exploration of the fantasmatic space of mutual mis-recognition and mythmaking between coloniser and colonised, between ‘Africa’ and ‘Europe’.
Contents: Carlotta von Maltzan: Introduction: En/Countering Myths – Thokozile Chaane: Hide and Seek – Lutz van Dijk: Black Inspiration – Renate Welsh: My African Myths – Gcina Mhlophe: Fly, Hat, Fly! – Gunther Pakendorf: Travellers at the Cape, and what they saw – Mawuena Logan: The Image of Africa in the Age of Imperialism and Beyond: The Myth of Postcolonial Africa – Kathleen Thorpe: «The state and dignity of an English Gentleman». Thoughts on King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard – Bert Olivier: Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan - Myth and/or Critique? – Catherine du Toit: Beyond the Mask: Guy de Maupassant in Algeria – Karen Bouwer: Werewere Liking’s It Shall Be of Jasper and Coral: Of Skins and Masks – Violet B. Lunga: Of Hair Identities: Stretching Postcolonial Cultural Identities – Suzanne de Villiers-Human: Art and Magic: The Mask of Wildness – Kennedy C. Chinyowa: Battling between Alienation and Desire: Images of «European-ness/Western-ness» in Contemporary Zimbabwean Literature – Lynda Morgan: Landscapes of Guilt and Desire in the Novels of Thirza Nash – Raylene Ramsay: Under the Influence? The Work of Mariama Bâ, Tradition, Islam and the Universal – Pamela S. Saur: European Literary Encounters with North Africa’s Physical Environment – Joachim Garbe: Healing and Destructive Powers of the Desert in the Works of Ingeborg Bachmann and Tayeb Salih – Nadja D. Krämer: Hans Grimm’s Afrikafahrt West: A Journey into the Unknown? – Ingrid Laurien: «A Land of Promise?» Autobiography and Fiction in Frieda von Bülow’s East-African Novels – Ulrike Auga: Cultural Politics in South Africa in Transition. Or, Multiculturalism and Economic Policy – Ulrike Kistner: Apartheid and Fascism, Racism and Anti-Semitism: The Political History of a Comparison – John McAllister: «These White Men Know Everything»: Technology Encounters, Comedy and Ambivalence in African Exploration – Dominique Bediako: Reading African Literature in Germany – Robert Buranello: Tra i reticolati: The Literature of Italian Prisoners of War in South Africa – Alida Poeti: Black Harlequin: Italian Theatre Crossing Cultural Boundaries.