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Voices in the Heart

Postcolonialism and Identity in Hong Kong Literature


Brian J. Hooper

The author undertakes the task of examining a large body of literature produced in Hong Kong to show it as an integral part of the universal human heritage. This thematic study of contemporary Hong Kong anglophone literature identifies a series of themes and motifs that can be drawn upon both as figures for an authentically «Hong Kong» criticism and as lenses through which to read, contextualize, and interpret the texts that constitute this canon of fiction, autobiography, drama, and poetry. Focusing on three central texts – Patrick Acheson’s intricately-wrought and provocative Flagrant Harbour, Lee Ding Fai’s rags-to-riches story Running Dog, and Timothy Mo’s The Monkey King – Hooper offers a theoretical structure for analyzing the postcolonial phenomena in the Hong Kong context. This book includes an exhaustive bibliography of Hong Kong literature.
Contents: Hong Kong anglophone Literature – The Matrix and Fusion in Hong Kong anglophone Literature – The Matrix and its Malcontents in Patrick Acheson’s Flagrant Harbour – Lee Ding Fai’s Running Dog – Timothy Mo’s Signifying Monkey King – Bibliography.