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World Trends in Environmental Education


Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Fernando J. Gonçalves and Walter Leal Filho

This book contains the keynote papers delivered at the First World Environmental Education Congress (FWEEC) held in Espinho, Portugal in May, 2003. The FWEEC gathered participants from 38 countries, offering an international platform for educators, scientists, researchers, scholars, politicians, technicians, activists, media and teachers to present and debate world wide issues in environmental education. The themes it deals with include environmental policies and education, media and communication, environmental activism and citizenship, local activities, sustainable agriculture and tourism, economics and sustainability, communication, evaluation techniques, teacher training and general aspects of research. The papers offer an up-dated overview of various trends related to international environmental education, including aspects of research, teaching and project based work. Due to its nature and international scope, this publication is of special interest to educators, scientists, researchers, politicians, technicians, environment activists, teachers and others, interested in the ways environmental education is seen and practiced all over the world.
Contents: Ulisses M. Azeiteiro/Mário J. Pereira/Fernando Morgado/Walter Leal Filho/Fernando Gonçalves: World Trends in Environmental Education: Keynote Book Editorial – Walter Leal Filho: Some Aspects of Environmental Education in Member Countries of the European Union – Mark Paul Alderweireldt: Conferences on Environmental Education in Europe (CEEE) and networking EE in East Flanders (Belgium): from the European to the local level – Naim H. Afgan/Maria G. Carvalho: Distance Learning for Sustainability Education: Euro Courses in Multimedia Environment on Sustainability Assessment of Energy Systems – Jo Blakeley: Is it Green Enough? Evaluating Environmental Education programmes effectively – Joe E. Heimlich: Programme, Performance, and Professionalism: Improving the Field by Data – J. Guerreiro: Environmental Education: the Portuguese experience – Alexandre de Gusmão Pedrini: The National Public Policies with Environmental Education in Brazil: Evolution and Perspectives – Heila Lotz-Sisitka: Social Science as a Form of Social Praxis? A review of a selection of environmental education research in southern Africa – Helena Freitas: The Risk of Indifference: the ultimate challenge for environmental activists and society – Fernando Morgado: Teachers‘ Training, Education, and Social Development – M. Arminda Pedrosa: Environmental Education and Citizenship - Challenges for Scientific Communities and Science Teachers – Luísa Schmidt: Environmental Education - The Media and Fashion – Peter Hills: Education for Sustainable Development: An Asian Perspective – Walter Leal Filho: Towards a Modernisation of Environmental Education.