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Informatics and Management

Selected Topics

Joze Florjancic and Karl Pütz

The book is another result of the many years of co-operation between the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Maribor and the Institute of Economics and Didactics of Economics of the University of Aachen and the European Centre of Integration Research (EZI) e.V., Aachen. It is for all those who are interested in questions of management or are affected by them, as well as students who wish to discover more about IT-specific tasks and the knowledge they require. It is for workers and management staff in IT-departments who wish to critically challenge existing solutions or look beyond their own specialised field and learn about new spheres of activity, as well as for university teachers and their colleagues, who are interested in this concrete implementation of their research and teaching, in order to obtain new impulses.
Contents: Jože Florjančič: Preface – Karl Pütz: Preface – Igor Bernik/Jože Florjančič/Mojca Bernik: Strategic Management and Information System – Manca Jesenko/Polona Novak/Jože Jesenko: Data Analysis and Interpretation with Basic Statistical Research Tools – Vesna Novak/Jože Florjančič: The Impact of the Information Society on the Employment Policies of the Managers – Eva Jereb: Applying an Expert System in Personnel Selection – Jurij Jug/Franci Potokar: Role of Modern Information Technologies and Internet and Their Impact on Adult Education – Jože Florjančič/Marko Ferjan: Concept, Content and Structure of Educational Web Site Design – Vladislav Rajkovič/Blaž Zupan: Knowledge Management as a Challenge for Public Administration Reengineering – Tomaž Kern/Benjamin Urh: Informational Support for the Management of Business Processes – Igor Bernik/Miroljub Kljajić: The Role of the Information System in High Quality Optimization and Simulation in Enterprises – Jure Meglič/Miro Jeraj: Information Support of Product Development Process for Mass Customization – Matjaž Roblek/Tone Ljubič: Building Blocks of Informational System for Managing Supply Chain – Anton Čižman/Marko Urh: Integration of ERP System with DSS – Mirjana Kljajić/Andrej Škraba/Miroljub Kljajić: Exploration of Group Decision Process Supported by System Dynamics Models – Uroš Hribar/Gregor Lenart: Users’ Perspective of Mobile Business – Vida Kampuš Trop: Information of Markets - The Sources and the Influence on Small Business Success – Karl Pütz: Opportunities, Risks and Prospects for E-Commerce – Mateja Podlogar/Andreja Pucihar: Electronic Commerce in Procurement Process: Experiences and the Frequency of Use – Alenka Brezavšček/Alenka Hudoklin: Impact of Supply Chain Disruption on E-Commerce Security – Andreja Pucihar/Mateja Podlogar: Organizational Perspective on Successful Entering Electronic Marketplaces – Neja Zupan/Robert Leskovar/Miroljub Kljajić: The Model of Electronic Commerce Diffusion among Small Organizations – Marjan Senegačnik/Drago Vuk: Information Systems and Environmental Protection – Dragica Smrke/Anneke Andriessen: Evidence Based Medicine/Health Care – Uroš Rajkovič/Olga Šušteršič/Jože Zupančič: E-representation of International Classification of Nursing Practice – Alenka Baggia/Robert Leskovar: Design of Reusable Modules for Health Care Scheduling System – Janko Hriberšek/Jože Zupančič/Borut Werber: End-User Computing: A Case Study – Gregor Lenart/Uroš Hribar: Technology Support for Soft Problem Solving.