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(Un)Saying the Other

Allegory and Irony in Emmanuel Levinas’s Ethical Language


Ewa Rychter

The problem of signifying the other within the logocentric language occupies an important place in Emmanuel Levinas’s ethics. (Un)Saying the Other examines the ways in which Levinasian discourse – the discourse always already partaking of ontological injustice – enables the ethical articulation of otherness. The author explores the unfolding of ethical expression both opened and troubled by the allegorical and ironic ruptures of the logocentric language. Reflecting on the philosophical complications incumbent in the potentially infinite process of interrupting the ontological language, the book argues for the responsible rethinking of the ethical call to unsay.
Contents: Ethical Language – Undoing of the Ontological Closure – Allegory and Irony as Strategies of Interruption – Otherness – Thirdness.