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Chinese and Western Business Cultures

A Comparison and Contrast


Michael B. Hinner

The series seeks to illuminate, highlight, and spotlight (intercultural) communication in the world of business. This second volume focuses on China in an intercultural business context. Due to China’s growing importance in today’s world, it is imperative to obtain some insights into Chinese culture in order to begin to understand Chinese business practices. By examining the issue from a Western and a Chinese perspective, a more comprehensive view becomes possible. What appears baffling to Western managers may become understandable after a comparison with and contrast to the Chinese perspective. This is what this volume accomplishes: Shed light on misperceived aspects of intercultural business encounters.
Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Seeking to Harmonize the Conflicting Images of China – Dirk Hohnberg: Ethnical Stereotypes May Be Crucial for the Successful Preparation Process of Intercultural Business Situations – Gregor Miroslawski: Market Entrance in China within the Context of Intercultural Communication – Norma Möller: Intercultural Differences in Management Processes of Sino-German Joint Ventures – Xu Huaning: Business Communication in China – Zhu Jianxin: Cultural Differences between China and Other Countries – Shanna Kistaubayeva: Intercultural Business Communication as Demonstrated by a Joint Venture between Germany and China – Ma Zheng: A Study of East-Asian Corporate Culture.