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Finno-Ugric Language Contacts


Greg Watson and Pekka Hirvonen

This edition of collected papers centring round the theme of Finno-Ugric language contact arose from a workshop entitled «Finno-Ugrian Languages in Contact with English (or another Germanic language)» that was offered at the Eleventh International Conference on Methods in Dialectology, held at the University of Joensuu, Finland, in August 2002. Ten articles in total are presented in this volume, the common theme for them all being that they deal with linguistic, sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic or social outcomes of contact between Finno-Ugric (Finnish or Hungarian) and Germanic languages (primarily Australian or American English, but also Norwegian and Swedish). This volume is arranged according to three broad themes. One common theme is that language shift quite often occurs from immigrant languages to the host nation’s language within a period of two generations. A second common theme is code-switching. The third part of this book deals with both substrate and superstrate influences in specific language contact environments.
Contents: Greg Watson/Pekka Hirvonen: Foreword – Catherine Rohlich: Inferring Linguistic Dominance from Oral Reading Miscues of Finnish-English Bilinguals – Michael Linn: Language Change in the English of Three Generations of American Finns on the Iron Range of Minnesota – Tiina Lammervo: Attitudes Towards Finnish Language Maintenance in Australia: Speaker Profiles – Magdolna Kovács: Code-Switching in Australian Finnish and Australian Hungarian: A Noun-Based Model Applied to Verbs and Adjectives – Greg Watson: Communication Strategies Related to Code-Switching in a NNS-NS, Finnish Australian, Contact Environment – Helena Halmari: Conceptualizing the Code of Commands: On the Directionality of Language Switching – Heidi Rontu: The Weaker Language in Infant Bilingualism - in the Bootstraps of Bilingual Socialization – Hilde Sollid: On Negation in a Northern Norwegian Dialect – Pia Lane: Norwegian Verbs in a Finnish Morpho-Syntactic Frame: Code-Switching or Borrowing? – Anna Fenyvesi: Contact Effects in Toledo, Ohio, Hungarian: Quantitative Findings.