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Greenhouse Gases: Inventories, Abatement Costs and Markets for Emission Permits in European Agriculture

A Modelling Approach


Ignacio Pérez Domínguez

The international community is putting some pressure on scientific researchers to come up with reliable indicators to estimate emissions from greenhouse gases. The development towards integrative multi gas strategy approaches has allowed the inclusion of the agricultural sector in the political agenda. Modelling alternatives for the estimation of emission factors, definition of policy instruments for greenhouse gas emission abatement as well as measurement of their economic effects are at this stage quite important for the coming multilateral negotiations.
Contents: Climate change and agriculture – Modelling of greenhouse gas emission inventories for the European agricultural sector – The use of emission abatement instruments: tradable permits as a viable option in agriculture – Calculation of marginal abatement cost curves – Modelling a market of tradable emission permits – Comparison between emission abatement instruments including price effects.