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Identifying Units of Statehood and Determining International Boundaries

A Revised Look at the Doctrine of "Uti Possidetis</I> and the Principle of Self-Determination


Helen von Meding

In modern International Law there is a tension between territorial integrity on the one hand and the right of peoples to self-determination on the other. This study focuses on the territorial integrity of post-colonial states and the national right of self-determination. It also identifies the resulting conflicts and boundary disputes and makes suggestions on how to solve them, taking into consideration recent state practice, as for instance the former Yugoslavia, the former USSR and the former Czechoslovakia, as well as the latest developments in human rights law.
Contents: Doctrine of Uti Possidetis – Latin American Independence – Decolonization in Africa – Dissolution of Yugoslavia, USSR and Czechoslovakia – The Right to Self-Determination and its Applications – Evaluation of Particular Boundary Disputes: Eritrea-Ethiopia, Mayott-Comoros and Walvis Bay-Namibia – Conflict between the Uti Possitetis Doctrine and the Right to Self-Determination.