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Sustainable Development in the Baltic and Beyond


Walter Leal Filho, Arnolds Ubelis and Dina Berzina

This book documents and promotes the experiences from the 2 nd Conference on Integrative Approaches Towards Sustainability (SHARING), held in Jurmala, Latvia, on May 11 th to 24 th , 2005. Attended by over 200 delegates from across the Baltic Sea region and beyond, the event provided an important contribution towards strengthening the integration of the region’s RTD community and the sharing of knowledge and expertise in the Baltic, across Europe (including the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions) and elsewhere. The first part of this book contains some introductory remarks on sustainable development as a whole and on integratives approaches in particular. Furthermore, issues related to cleaner production and the moves towards zero emissions are outlined. Part two of the book focuses on developments in the Baltic Sea Region, with a special emphasis on policy, implementation technologies and technologies for sustainable development. In the next part of the book, readers will find a special section on science for sustainable development. One special feature of this section is that papers are predominantly written by young researchers, some of whom will find in this volume, for the first time, the chance to publish results from their works. The final section of the book deals with social corporate responsibility and the environment, focusing on sustainable community development, corporate responsibility at an international level and concepts for education for sustainable development. This publication provides a very good overview of sustainability issues in the Baltic and beyond, illustrating the number of excellent works being performed by municipalities, universities, research agencies and NGOs, also showing the various ways via which sustainability can be delivered.
Contents: Uno Svedin: Sustainable Development - R&D Perspectives from Sweden and the European Union – Pierre Valette: Welcome Statement - Integrative Approaches towards Sustainability (SHARING) – Joachim H. Spangenberg: The Economic Sustainability of the Economy - Assessing the Sustainability of a Complex System by Applying Orientor Theory – Morihiro Kurushima: Challenges on New Technologies for Sustainable Energy System - Climate Change Policy Measures in Japan – Mickael Planasch/Gernot Gwehenberger/Hans Schnitzer/Christoph Brunner: From Cleaner Production to Zero Emissions – Per G. Berg: Factor 5 Flow City - Future Images of Sustainable Urban Development in the Baltic Sea Region – Sergio Ulgiati/Catia Cialani: Environmental and Thermodynamic Indicators in Support of Fair and Sustainable Policy Making - Investigating Equitable Trade among Latvia, Denmark and Italy – Walter Leal Filho: Coastman - Integrative Approaches to Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea – C. Lagerberg-Fogelberg/F. Fogelberg/G. Grankvist: The Use of Environmental Information in Decision Making Promoting a Sustainable Food Chain – Janis Gravitis: Green Biobased Chemistry Platform for Sustainability – G. Geletukha/T. Zhelyezna/Y. Matveev/N. Zhovmir: Bioenergy Development in Ukraine - State of the Art and Perspectives – Lars Rydén: Urban Sustainability Strategies - Is there a Common Structure? – Arnolds Ūbelis: Teaching for Sustainable Development and University-Municipality Partnerships (Project «Inversed Brain Drain») – Bjarne Rasmussen: The Local Agenda 21 Change Agent - Why, What, Who, How? – Bernd Delakowitz: Environmental Management (EM) and Sustainable Development (SD) in University’s Strategic Management - Motivation and Experience from the Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz - University of Applied Sciences (F.R.G.) – Krzysztof Nawratek: City as a Vehicle of Education – Luigi Bistagnino/Pier Paolo Peruccio/Carlotta Montanera: A Challenge for the Design - The Systems Design Thinking – Vladimir Stevanovic/Ivica Radovic/Slobodan Regner/Sreten Mandic/Zlatko Bulic/Aleksandar Joksimovic/Dejan Radovic: Adriatic Sea and Coastal Zone of Serbia and Montenegro - Characteristics of Biodiversity and Possibilities for their Sustainable Exploitation – Hans-Peter Winkelmann: Towards an International e-Learning Didactic for Sustainable Development - The European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development (EVS) – Andrea Segrè/Luca Falasconi/Marina Mantini/Sabina Morganti/Elisabetta Nanni/Hajnalka Petrics/Matteo Vittuari: The UniAdrion Experience - A Virtual University for the Adriatic-Ionian Basin – Stina Soewarta: The Contribution of Energy Policy to Sustainability – Hajnalka Petrics: Sustainable Development Concepts and Tools - The World Bank’s Approach to Sustainable Development: Environmental Sustainability and Poverty Reduction – Raimonds Ernsteins: Local Agenda 21 Process Facilitation - Environmental Communication and Self-Experience Development in Latvia – Dina Bērziņa: Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives - Energy Policy in Compliance with UNFCC and Kyoto Targets – Markus Will: Foresight and Integrated Management Systems in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) - Preliminary Considerations for a Tool-kit towards Corporate Sustainability – H. Schnitzer/G. Gwehenberger/Ch. Zwatz: Zero Emissions Research in Austria - A Case Study – Heather Worosz/Paulo Bento Maffei de Souza/Yury Kazhura: Sustainable Community Development in the Baltic Sea Region – Agrita Ozola: Integration of Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Sustainable Development in Municipality - A Case of Durbe Manor in Tukums – Fredrik Fogelberg: