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Strangification: A New Paradigm in Knowledge Processing and Creation


Kambiz Badie and Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi

Strangification, as the core strategy of Constructive Realism, seems to be a potential source for feeding the methodological aspects which are essential to the creation of novel artificial systems. Due to this, it is significant to see how far Strangification can contribute to issues such as knowledge processing and knowledge creation as central issues in many cognitive, systemics, and inter-disciplinary studies. Within this context, strangification is worth being considered as a new paradigm for knowledge processing & creation. This volume tries to show such a characteristic of strangification. Design, planning, assessment, fitting and concept creation have been selected as the major issues to support this demonstration.
Contents: Capabilities of strangification in knowledge processing and creation issues – Knowledge processing and creation in design, planning and assessment issues – Strangification and knowledge creation through fitting – Creating new scientific concepts – Prospects of using strangification as a key strategy for creating knowledge creation in organizations.