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Military Pedagogy in Progress


Hubert Annen and Wolfgang Royl

Armed forces need to prepare their military personnel for a global mission profile which requires conflict awareness and the acceptance of personal responsibility along with the ability to successfully cope with the military challenges of their mission. The aim of this publication is to demonstrate the progress in military pedagogy as it is evolving within the various national institutions for the education and training of officers and recruits. This will be helpful in illustrating common topics which, already at present, allow the questioning and exploring of educational ways of thinking as they determine national peculiarities in the training and education of soldiers.
Contents: Edwin R. Micewski: Comparative Strategic Cultures - A Future Challenge in Security Studies – Hermann Jung: Cross Culture Education for Military Task Forces – Wolfgang Royl: Pedagogical Implications through the Transformation of the German Bundeswehr into an All-Volunteer-Force – Jarmo Toiskallio: Transformation through Education: Curriculum as Praxis in Officer Education – Rainer Peltoniemi/Hannele Lampela/Anna-Miia Suihkonen: Military Pedagogy on System Level: A Systemic Model of a Learning Organization – Wolfgang Royl: How Military Training and Education are Embedded in the Social Context – Hermann Jung: Interagency - New Learning Field for the Military Based on Network-Centric Systems – Gavril Malos/Sorina-Mihaela Mardar: The Diagnosis of Professional Training Needs – Hubert Annen: Leadership as a Selection Criterion for Officers - The Assessment Center for Prospective Career Officers (ACABO) in the Swiss Armed Forces – Mikael Salo/Guy L. Siebold: The Structure of Military Cohesion: Components, Predictors, and Outcomes – Juha Mäkinen: Crossing the Boundaries between Military Educational Institution and Military Units - A Case of Finnish Staff Officer Education – Hubert Annen: Abuse of Authority and Misguided Group Dynamics - Military Pedagogical Measures – Werner Wieser: Leadership Skills Training in the Austrian Armed Forces – Wojciech Horyn: Teaching Pedagogy to Army Officers – Bo Talerud: Educational Aspects of Swedish Military Leadership.