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A Document (Re)turn

Contributions from a Research Field in Transition

Roswitha Skare, Nils Windfeld Lund and Andreas Varheim

When people are checking in to flights, making reports to their company manager, composing music, delivering papers for exams in schools, or examining patients in hospitals, they all deal with documents and processes of documentation. In earlier times, documentation took place primarily in libraries and archives. While the latter are still important document institutions, documents today play a far more essential role in social life in many different domains and cultures. In this book, which celebrates the ten year anniversary of documentation studies in Tromsø, experts from many different disciplines, professional domains as well as cultures around the world present their way of dealing with documents, demonstrating many potential directions for the emerging broad field of documentation studies.
Contents: Niels W. Lund: Building a Discipline, Creating a Profession: An Essay on the Childhood of «dokvit» – Bernd Frohmann: Multiplicity, Materiality, and Autonomous Agency of Documentation – Johanna Drucker: Excerpts and Entanglements – Anders Ørom: The Concept of Information versus the Concept of Document – Gaute Barlindhaug: Analog Sound in the Age of Digital Tools: The Story of the Failure of Digital Technology – B.I. Olsen/N.W. Lund/J.G. Bellika/E. Årsand/P. Hasvold/G. Ellingsen/A. Horsch/G. Hartvigsen: Documents in Medicine: from Paper Documents to Quality-Healthcare? – Helena Francke: Negotiating Cognitive Authority: The Case of Scholarly Electronic Journals – Roswitha Skare: Text und Paratext und deren Remedierung im Film: Jens Sparschuhs Heimatroman Der Zimmerspringbrunnen – Simon Niedenthal: Documents of Light: Three Case Studies and a Preliminary Model for Organizing Light Knowledge – Maribeth Back/Daniel Billsus/Laurent Denoue/David Hilbert: Designing and Using Complex Document Sharing Spaces: A Research Vision of Next-Generation Conference Rooms – Carol E.B. Choksy: Contracts: Documents Creating Context – Philippe Bootz/Xavier Hautbois: Time Measures in Documents: The model of «Motifs Temporels Paramétrés» – Richard L. Anderson/Brian C. O’Connor/Jodi L. Kearns: The Functional Ontology of Filmic Documents – Vesa Suominen: A Structural Approach to the History of Documentary Contents: Documentation Studies for Librarianship – Evelyne Broudoux : Construction de l’autorité informationnelle sur le web – Manuel Zacklad : Réseaux et communautés d’imaginaire documédiatisées – Andreas Vårheim: Evolving and Devolving Institutions: A Perspective on Norwegian Public Policy towards the IT-industry 1945-2000 – Ronald E. Day: «A Necessity of Our Time»: Suzanne Briet’s What is Documentation? – Michael Buckland: Northern Light: Fresh Insights into Enduring Concerns.