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Political Asymmetries in the Era of Globalization

The Asymmetric Security and Defense Relations from a Worldwide View

Josef Schröfl

At the latest since 9/11 the phenomenon of the «asymmetry» or, more common, the «asymmetric warfare» has become a subject within International Relations. So, highly unequal parties face each other in asymmetric warfare, with one of them trying to inflict major damage on the other by making only a minor effort. Since the time when interstate wars started to disappear, the traditional ideas of wars have become useless and obsolete as a basis for political decision-making. For several years policy-makers, officials, and writers on defence and foreign policy have employed the terms «asymmetric» or «asymmetry» to characterize everything from the nature of the threats we face to the nature of war and beyond. Labelling current and future threats as «asymmetric» diminishes our understanding of the threat environment. In the age of globalization, of new threats, new and even revolutionary technologies, and new forms of military operations, the requirement for clear thinking increases commensurately. Authors from four continents will follow this new way of thinking.
Contents: Germain Ngoi Tshibambe: Failed States and Security Predicament: The Reciprocity And Equivalency Game of the Asymmetric Threats – Carlos Roberto Jara Gonzalez Navero: Asymmetric Security Threats within Mercosur in the Globalization era – Aline Contti Castro: On Globalization, Security and Development in the 21st Century, - the Threats we face – Gerardo Rodriguez Sanchez Lara: The Asymmetrical Security and Defense Relations between Mexico and the US: The real David and Goliath – Jose Antonio Sifuentes Espinosa: Ungovernance as a big asymmetric threat in non Consolidated Andean democracies – Juan Erardo Battaleme Martinez: Sovereignty and asymmetric threats - Rethinking the Principle of Non-Intervention at the beginning of the 21st Century – Samuel R. Schubert: In search of that illusive Terrorist Profile - Debunking myths behind the violence – Joey Shi-Ruey Long: An Agenda for the East Asia Summit: Thirty Recommendations for Regional Cooperation in East Asia – Sonsak Shusawat: Asymmetric Security Threats in Asia: Thailand as an example – Sridhar Rajavelu: Asymmetric Threats form the Sea Tigers of Sri Lanka – Subhilar: The Moslem World within the Globalization – Thazhathupadathil Gopolan Suresh: Between National Security and Human Development: Exploring the South Asian Predicament – Heiko Pääbo: The Gap between the «Social Realities» and Policies: The Estonian Ability to Response to the New Security Threats – Susana Sanchez Ferro: Terrorism and Law: Relevant Changes in Law Systems Post 9/11 – Josef Schröfl: Asymmetric Warfare - a new phenomenon of the International Politics.