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Literature as History / History as Literature

Fact and Fiction in Medieval to Eighteenth-Century British Literature


Sonja Fielitz

This volume assembles critical essays on the relationship between historiography and fiction from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century and beyond. The contributions stem from distinguished scholars, junior faculty and Ph.D.-students, and thus represent a wide range of critical approaches and interests. All of the essays in the book, however, reflect recent debates about the tenacity of postmodernist epistemologies and the attendant revaluation of positivistic methodologies.
Contents: Sonja Fielitz: Introduction: Putting ‘Theorrhoea’ to the (Historical) Test – Erich Poppe: Literature as History / History as Literature: A View from Medieval Ireland – Monika Rener: The King Can Do Wrong: William of Malmesbury’s Gesta Regum Anglorum – Wolfram R. Keller/Astrid Lohöfer/Christian Pauls: What’s at Stake: Jeanne d’Arc between Historiography and Propaganda – Paul J.C.M. Franssen: The Life and Opinions of William Shakespeare, Gentleman: Biography between Fact and Fiction – Paul Edmondson: Richard II in History and Performance – Frauke Reitemeier: «Lesser than Macbeth, and greater»: A ‘Stuart Myth’ Case Study – Marga Munkelt/Beatrix Busse: Aspects of Governance in Shakespeare’s: Edward the Third: The Quest for Personal and Political Identity – Claudia Küster: Constructing Royal Identity in Tudor and Early Stuart Drama: Two Case Studies in Panegyric Literature – Martin Kuester: Of Israelites, Trojans, and Druids: Milton’s History of Britain between Mythology, Republican Historiography, and Postmodern Historiographic Metafiction – Claudia Fenske: Dryden’s The Conquest of Granada: Facts and Fiction – Patricia Plummer: Cruel Sultans, Fair Captives: The Influence of Richard Knolles’s Generall Historie of the Turkes (1603) on Eighteenth-Century English Drama – Jessika Wichner: Frederick Pilon’s Farce Aerostation, or, The Templar’s Stratagem: The Balloon Conquers the Skies and Literature – Sonja Fielitz: Factual and Fictional Newtons: The Construction of a British National Hero.