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Phonetics of Russian and Finnish

General Description of Phonetic Systems- Experimental Studies on Spontaneous and Read-aloud Speech

Viola de Silva and Riikka Ullakonoja

This volume is the joint work of Russian and Finnish phoneticians. The articles describe the Russian and Finnish phonetic systems both at the segmental and at prosodic levels, and present new data concerning spontaneous and read-aloud speech. The results are based on empirical phonetic research carried out in the 21 st century using the latest equipment. This volume will help the reader to get acquainted with the Russian and Finnish phonetic systems, and if desired, to gain more in-depth information about the latest research into these two languages.
Contents: Viola de Silva/Riikka Ullakonoja: Introduction: Russian and Finnish in Contact – Liya Bondarko: Short Description of Russian Sound System – Nina Volskaya: Aspects of Russian Intonation – Anttii Iivonen: Major Features of Standard Finnish Phonetics – Anttii Iivonen: Finnish Sentence Accent and Intonation – Pavel Skrelin: Russian Material and Methods – Olga Egorova: Vowel Features in Spontaneous and Read-Aloud Russian – Svetlana Tananaiko/Ludmila Vasilieva: Consonant Features in Spontaneous and Read-Aloud Russian – Nina Volskaya: Prosodic Features of Russian Spontaneous and Read-Aloud Speech – Mietta Lennes: Segmental Features in Spontaneous and Read-Aloud Finnish – Hanna Anttila: Interrogative Intonation in Spontaneous Finnish.