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Between the Regular and the Particular in Speech and Language

Susanne Fuchs, Phil Hoole, Christine Mooshammer and Marzena Zygis

This volume ranges widely – even wildly – over many speech and language disciplines and typologically diverse languages, demonstrating that the search for regularities traditionally at the forefront of linguistic work cannot afford to ignore close analysis of very particular, even idiosyncratic areas of language behaviour. This is illustrated especially in the relationship between phonetic detail and speaker characteristics, on the one hand, and between phonetic detail and phonological structure, on the other, while also including phonological analysis relevant to sound change and markedness constraints. The topics extend from articulatory and phonatory control (including a study of unusually skilled production) via audiovisual processing through to the psycholinguistics of reading comprehension and the semantics of sensory terms.
Contents: Jörg Dreyer/Pascal Perrier: Laudationes – Jana Brunner: Phonological Length of Number Marking Morphemes in the Framework of Typological Markedness – T. A. Hall: On the Status of [h]~[x] Alternations in German Dialects: The Case for Buccalization – Rainer Dietrich/Julia Hillebrand/Yvonne Stakic: On the Gradual Understanding of Legal Texts in the Process of Reading - Resistance Strategies during Text Comprehension? – Ralf Winkler: Influence of Smoking on Age Estimation from Voice – Bernd Kröger/Peter Birkholz/Jim Kannampuzha/Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube: Modeling Different Voice Qualities for Female and Male Talkers Using a Geometric-Kinematic Articulatory Voice Source Model: Preliminary Results – Marzena Żygis/Daniel Recasens/Aina Espinosa: The Role of Position in Testing the Acoustic-Equivalence Hypothesis of Velar Softening for Aspirated Stops – Christian Geng/Christine Mooshammer/Hosung Nam/Philip Hoole: Schwa Deletion under Varying Prosodic Conditions: Results of a Pilot Study – Philip Hoole/Lasse Bombien: Velar and Glottal Activity in Icelandic – Stefanie Jannedy/Susanne Fuchs/Melanie Weirich: Articulation Beyond the Usual: Evaluating the Fastest German Speaker under Laboratory Conditions – Manfred Krifka: A Note on an Asymmetry in the Hedonic Implicatures of Olfactory and Gustatory Terms – Susanne Fuchs/Melanie Weirich/Christian Kroos/Natalie Fecher/Daniel Pape/Sabine Koppetsch: Time for a Shave? Does Facial Hair Interfere with Visual Speech Intelligibility?