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Synthesized Organization

Björn Paape and Drago Vuk

The majority of contributions published in this edition cover the problem of organization and management in the Republic of Slovenia, prior to or after joining the EU. Some contributions come from foreign practice. Therefore, the most important aspects of the Slovenian transition period, starting in the 1990s after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, have been covered scientifically. The majority of contributions deal with specific aspects of the transition period on the basis of concrete research carried out in that period by individuals and research groups. Most of the research work was performed in the last few years, meaning that the results obtained are all the more significant not only for Slovenia, but for all the countries that have come into existence on the territory of former Yugoslavia, and for their neighbours.
Contents: Antun Vila: Synthesized Organization – Marko Agrež/Drago Vuk: The Feasibility of Using the Combustible Fraction of Municipal Waste as a Primary Source for Generating Thermal and Electric Energy – Manca Jesenko/Jože Jesenko: The Using of Drinking Water as an Ecological Factor – Jindrich Kaluza/Ludmila Kaluzova: Current Business - IT Alignment Issues – Janez Mayer/Jože Ban/Tomaž Kern: Rewarding of Project Work – Alenka Baggia/Robert Leskovar: Requirement Specification: Resource Scheduling Definition Language – Alenka Brezavšček/Alenka Hudoklin: Measuring the Economic Effectiveness of a Manufacturing Process using Stochastic Modelling – Petr Doucek/Ota Novotný: Applied Information Management - How to Apply Organization Reference Models in the Real World – Tomaž Kern/Matjaž Roblek/Janez Mayer/Benjamin Urh: Business Processes and Competence Profiles of Employees - A Joint Methodology – Davorin Kofjač/Miroljub Kljajić: Unreliable Supplier Influence on Replenishment Process Optimization – Uroš Rajkovič/Olga Šušteršič/Jože Zupančič: Documentation Management in Health Care: A Synthesized Approach in Nursing – Marjan Senegačnik/Drago Vuk/Dušan Mežnar: Production Processes, Atmospheric Pollution and the Greenhouse Effect – Mateja Podlogar: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and E-Commerce Knowledge Acquiring in the Procurement and Selling Processes – Vesna Novak: Incorporation of a Human Resource Strategy into the Business Strategy – Jure Meglič/Goran Vukovič: Education and Training for Visual Merchandising in Retail Companies – Marko Ferjan/Eva Jereb: Foreign Workers in Slovenia – Kampuš Trop Vida: Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development – Andreja Pucihar/Kristina Bogataj/Gregor Lenart: Increasing SMEs’ Efficiency through the Single European Electronic Market as a New Business Model.