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Fact and Fiction

From the Middle Ages to Modern Times- Essays Presented to Hans Sauer on the Occasion of his 65 th Birthday – Part II


Renate Bauer and Ulrike Krischke

The essays presented here pay tribute to Hans Sauer as a specialist on English medieval literature and culture. This book shows what we can safely infer from medieval texts and where we need to be cautious or should reassess what has hitherto been suggested. It shows what the Middle Ages inherited from earlier days and transformed during their own time, what they gave to later eras, and what clearly belongs into the realm of fantasy films. The essays mainly concentrate on Old and Middle English prose and poetry, also including theoretical approaches to understanding medieval culture.
Contents: Michael Herren: Quid Helena Ciceroni? Mythographical Miscues in Early Medieval Glosses and Glossaries – Gernot R. Wieland: The Unferth Enigma: The þyle between the Hero and the Poet – Patrizia Lendinara: The Source of Damasus’ Inquiry on the Proper Time to Celebrate Mass in London, British Library, Stowe 944 and in London, British Library, Cotton Caligula A. xv – Joyce Hill: Author and Audience in Ælfric’ s Second Pastoral Letter for Wulfstan – Allen J. Frantzen: Food Words in the Anglo-Saxon Penitentials – Susanne Gärtner: When Scribe Meets Manuscript: Medieval Scribal Copies as Linguistic Contact Phenomena – William Marx: The Edge of Orthodoxy: The Virgin Mary, St Bernard, and the Quis dabit – Renate Bauer: Tu es dyabolus! Jews in Middle Scots Texts – Wolfgang Mager: Caxton’s Ouyde hys booke of Methamorphose – Michael W. Twomey: Ye Olde English Ye: A Short Biography of Anglo-Saxon Thorn – Thomas Honegger: From Bestiary onto Screen: Dragons in Film.