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Sacred Text

Explorations in Lexicography


Juan Pedro Monferrer Sala and Ángel Urbán

This book, which gathers seventeen contributions, investigates some lexical and textual aspects in the ‘sacred texts’ – like the Bible in its several textual traditions, and the Qur’ān –, particulary those elements that serve to provide the textual structure with a lexical-semantic framework. These contributions have been focused on several linguistic aspects: etymologies, loanwords, the symbolic or figurative values of the terms used in the text, the syntagmatic potential of the words, and the literary reflection of the terms like the basic reading of the text and its subsequent comprehension.
Contents: Anne Boud’hors : « Chercher » dans les textes coptes : à propos d’une variation lexicale – Federico Corriente: Some notes on the Qur’ānic lisānun mubīn and its loanwords – John F. Elwolde: Sirach 51:15a (19b-20a): Towards a text-critical and lexicographical solution – Frank Feder: ‘Facing the sacred Coptic text’: the pre-Coptic Egyptians as lexicographers – Gregor Geiger: «Abraham, mein Freund» (Jes 41,8): Wer ist wessen Freund? – Nader Al Jallad: The semantic concept of ‘shame’ in the Holy Qur’ān – Francisco Jiménez Bedman: Semantic quality in Qumrān: on the vocabulary of 3Q15 – Jan Joosten: The Graeco-Semitic vocabulary of the New Testament: A plea for a new research tool – Julia G. Krivoruchko: Greek κατάστημα between Josephus and the Constantinople Pentateuch – Giovanni Lenzi: The Johannine origin of the Syriac usage of the term «life» for «salvation» – José Martinez Delgado: From Bible to lexicography through the masora on al-Andalus: the use of the Sefer okla wĕ-okla among the first Andalusi Hebrew philologists – Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala: Sacred readings, lexicographic soundings: cosmology, men, asses and gods in the Semitic Orient – Gordon Nickel: Language of Love in Qur’ān and Gospel – Massimo Pazzini/Rosario Pierri: The middle voice in Exodus-LXX – Helen Spurling: The Biblical Symbol of Edom in Jewish Eschatological and Apocalyptic Imagery – Sofía Torallas Tovar: Translation and beliefs: interferences in a debated passage of the OT (I Sam. 28) in Sahidic and the use of Greek Loan Words in the Coptic Bible – Ángel Urbán: Emphatic use of the adverb oukéti in the New Testament.