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Conceptual Issues in Environmental Education


Shoshana Helen Keiny and Uri Zoller

Based on the contemporary state-of-the-art of Environmental Education (EE), the book deals with some basic conceptual frameworks and methodological foundations of modern EE, within our technological society. The book sets out to stimulate the readers with new ways of thinking, enriching them with new perspectives, images, concepts, associations and outlooks concerning the environment and EE. Under the umbrella of the ecological paradigm, a new metalanguage between various fields of study is explored, striving towards an open-ended synthesis which cuts through science & humanity, through philosophy & practical wisdom. In achieving a clearer picture of the boundaries of EE as a new area of knowledge, the book attempts to formulate a coherent theory of education. Such an endeavor, not achieved thus far, offers a foundation for the development of STES-oriented curricula.