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The Spoils of War

The Bright and Bitter Fruits of Human Conflict


Jürgen Kleist and Bruce A. Butterfield

The Spoils of War includes essays by fourteen scholars in a variety of disciplines who consider both the destructive and constructive forces of war from the days of the Greeks and Trojans to medieval times, from the American Civil War through World Wars I and II, to the Cold War and Vietnam, and even the recent uprisings in Chiapas.
Contents: Thomas J. Morrissey: The Spoils of War or a Good War Spoiled? Troy from Homer to Euripides - Lauren Kiefer: «A Good War Spoiled,» Part Two: Troy in the Late Middle Ages - Dennis Costanzo: Premonitions of Catastrophe: German Artists and the Great War - Edward Lundergan: The Topography of Golgotha: An Implied Narrative Structure in Britten's War Requiem - James E. Devlin: «War, Rubble, and Homecoming»: Anti-War Short Stories of Heinrich Böll - Andrew Howard: The Implications of Wartime Corporatism for Working Class Internationalism: The World War II Experience of the Congress of Industrial Organizations - Wolfgang Mieder: Raising the Iron Curtain: Proverbs and Political Rhetoric of the Cold War - Daniel J. Gordon: Imagery in Karel Husa's Music for Prague 1968 - Annette Teffeteller: The Glory Myth - Margaret R. LaWare: Forgotten Veterans Reclaim Their Voices: Gender and Identity in the Narrative of Women Vietnam Veterans - Nicholas J. Mammano: Plutonium Dreaming - Anita Rapone and Charles R. Simpson: Rebellion in Chiapas: Ecological Spaces and Cultural Systems in Collision - John L. Yardan: War and the Problem of God and Evil.