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God, Man, and Well-Being

Spinoza’s Modern Humanism


Douglas Den Uyl

This book explores the seventeenth-century philosopher Spinoza’s modernist humanism. There is little doubt that Spinoza was one of the principle founders of modernity, but his modernism is often thought to come at the expense of a humanism. Drawing attention to Spinoza’s humanism, this book concentrates on politics, ethics, and psychology in order to understand Spinoza’s conception of the human being, and why that conception endures into our own time with particular relevance. This introduction to Spinoza’s thought proceeds in a reverse order from the usual treatment: rather than beginning with a consideration of Spinoza’s metaphysics, the discussion culminates in an exploration of those concepts. In this way, this book is a deeper examination of what Spinoza himself thought, and allows the reader to consider more fully Spinoza’s wider philosophy.