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"When Race Breaks Out"

Conversations about Race and Racism in College Classrooms


Helen Fox

This second revised edition of «When Race Breaks Out» is a guide for instructors who want to promote honest and informed conversations about race and racism. Based on the author’s personal practice and interviews with students and faculty from a variety of disciplines, this book combines personal memoirs, advice, teaching ideas, and lively stories from college classrooms. A unique insider’s guide to the salient ideas, definitions, and opinions about race helps instructors answer students’ questions and anticipate their reactions, both to the material and to each other. An updated annotated bibliography of over 250 articles, books, and videos with recommendations for classroom use is included.
Contents: Starting With Ourselves: Telling Our Stories – Insider’s Guide Part I: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity – Insider’s Guide Part II: Discrimination, Racism,
and Race Hatred – Classroom Confrontations – Having a «Civil Conversation» – Start With Students Where They Are: White Student Reactions – Mixing It Up: Reactions of Students of Color – Exercises, Assignments, and Advice – Annotated Resources and More Ideas for Assignments and Discussions.