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School Principals

Jianping Shen

School Principals is a timely and important book that fills in a gap in the knowledge base about the principalship. In highly readable form, the writers of this book address such questions as: Who are principals? What do they do? How do they think? What are their working conditions? How are they prepared? Those in educational leadership programs who aspire to be principals will find this information invaluable. Principals who read this will have a better understanding of their everyday work. Educational leadership researchers and policy makers will have a better idea of the population who must respond to the new demands of the principalship.
Contents: Amy L. Kavanaugh: Introduction to Principalship – Gary L. Wegenke/Jianping Shen: Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Diversity Among Principals – Liliana Rodriguez-Campos/Rigoberto Rincones-Gomez/Jianping Shen: Principals’ Educational Attainment, Experience, and Professional Development – Jianping Shen/Louann Bierlein Palmer/Cheryle Crawford: The Importance of Educational Goals as Perceived by Principals – Van E. Cooley/Jianping Shen: School Accountability and Principals’ Professional Job Responsibilities – Sue Poppink/Jianping Shen: Principals’ Salaries – Dorothy VanderJagt/Jianping Shen/Chia-lin Hsieh: Principals’ Perceptions of School Problems – Jianping Shen: Principals’ and Teachers’ Power – Chia-Lin Hsieh/Jianping Shen: Conceptions of Leadership: A Comparison among Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents – Jianping Shen/Van E. Cooley/Connie D. Ruhl-Smith/Nanette M. Keiser: Quality and Impact of Educational Leadership Programs: A National Study – Van E. Cooley/Jianping Shen: Who Will Lead? The Top 10 Factors That Influence Teachers Moving into Administration – Jianping Shen/Van E. Cooley/Gary L. Wegenke: Factors Influencing Application for the Principalship: A Comparative Study of Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents – Connie D. Ruhl-Smith/Jianping Shen/ Van E. Cooley: Gender Difference in Reasons for Entering and Leaving Educational Administration – Bradley S. Portin/Jianping Shen: The Changing Principalship.