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Image, Inquiry, and Transformative Practice

Engaging Learners in Creative and Critical Inquiry Through Visual Representation


Lynn Sanders-Bustle

This anthology crosses disciplines to explore the use of images as modes for creative and critical inquiry. Researchers in the fields of literacy, physical education, and special education describe and critique how they have used images with students of various ages and backgrounds to evoke personal interpretations, deconstruct cultural messages, examine processes of oppression, and imagine alternative ways of acting in the world. Through this book, the contributors hope to inspire educators to explore the use of images in critical and creative pedagogy as well as in their personal lives and to encourage researchers to push methodological boundaries through the use of «multiple forms of representation» (Eisner, 1993).
Contents: Lynn Sanders-Bustle: Theoretical Explorations of Image and Inquiry – Lynn Sanders-Bustle: Re-envisioning Literacy: Photography as a Means for Understanding Literate Worlds – Kimberly L. Oliver: Images of the Body from Popular Culture: Engaging Adolescent Girls in Critical Inquiry – Rosary Lalik: My Use of Images in Teaching About Literacy: An Autoethnographic Exploration Construed through Image, Soliloquy, Vignette, and Poem – Elizabeth Altieri: Seeing Disability in New Ways – Lynn Sanders-Bustle: Exploring the «Value» of the Visual: Assessing and Evaluating Visual Representation in Classrooms.