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Towards a Sociology of Pedagogy

The Contribution of Basil Bernstein to Research


Ana M. Morais, Isabel Neves, Brian Davies and Harry Daniels

«Basil Bernstein was both the most interesting and important British sociologist of recent times, internationally better known for longer than any other [...]. His ideas offer the most developed grammar for understanding the shape and character of our current educational practice. At its various points, his emerging corpus has offered a combination of connectedness and openness. He was a constant reviser of his ideas, arguing always that this was necessitated by the relationship between the empirical and the theoretical.
This volume is replete with cameos of various aspects of his corpus that the individual researchers represented have regarded as particularly important both for themselves and their analyses. They celebrate a joint dedication to ‘developing a more systematic and general language of description’. [...]. This book also contains a paper by Bernstein and a video conference.» (Brian Davies, From the Introduction)
Contents: Brian Davies: Introduction – Geoff Williams: Literacy Pedagogy Prior to Schooling: Relations Between Social Positioning and Semantic Variation – Ruqaiya Hasan: The Ontogenesis of Decontextualised Language: Some Achievements of Classification and Framing – Mario Diaz: Subject, Power, and Pedagogic Discourse – Harry Daniels: Bernstein and Activity Theory – Philippe Vitale: The Teaching of Sociology: Towards a European Comparison of Curricula – Johan Muller: Intimations of Boundlessness – Rob Moore/Karl Maton: Founding the Sociology of Knowledge: Basil Bernstein, Intellectual Fields, and the Epistemic Device – Ana Morais/Isabel Neves: Pedagogic Social Contexts: Studies for a Sociology of Learning – Isabel Neves/Ana Morais: Texts and Contexts in Educational Systems: Studies of Recontextualising Spaces – Parlo Singh: Pedagogic Discourses and Student Resistance in Australian Secondary Schools – Joseph Solomon/Anna Tsatsaroni: Educational Evaluation: The Social Production of Texts and Practices – Magnus Haavelsrud: Classification Strength and Power Relations – William Tyler: Crosswired: Hypertext, Critical Theory, and Pedagogic Discourse – Basil Bernstein: From Pedagogies to Knowledges.