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Injustice and Rectification

Rodney C. Roberts and University of Hawaii

This book aims to help answer two questions that Western philosophy has paid relatively little attention to – what is injustice and what does justice require when injustice occurs? Injustice and Rectification offers a taxonomy of justice, which sets forth an initial framework for a moral theory of justice and focuses on framing a conception of rectificatory justice. The taxonomy is ground for this book’s eleven other essays, in which a diverse group of authors brings philosophical analysis to bear on the idea of injustice itself and on some important conceptual and normative issues concerning the rectification of injustice.
Contents: Rodney C. Roberts: Justice and Rectification: A Taxonomy of Justice – Anthony D. Woozley: Injustice – Phillip Montague: «The Laborers in the Vineyard» and Other Stories – Jules L. Coleman: Corrective Justice and Property Rights – Judith J. Thomson: Rights and Compensation – Phillip Montague: Rights and Duties of Compensation – Gerald F. Gaus: Does Compensation Restore Equality? – Louis F. Kort: What Is an Apology? – Kathleen A. Gill: The Moral Functions of an Apology – Bernard R. Boxill: The Morality of Reparation – Hugo Adam Bedau: Compensatory Justice and the Black Manifesto – J. Angelo Corlett: Wrongdoing, Reparations and Native Americans.