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Learning from Children

The Life and Legacy of Caroline Pratt


Mary Hauser

This is the first published biography of Caroline Pratt, an innovative progressive educator who founded the City and Country School in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1914. It provides a feminist analysis of Pratt’s life and work that adds a new dimension to our appreciation of her contributions to progressive education. Learning from Children also shows how an analysis of Pratt’s work can inform our understanding of current critical issues in educational policy and practice. Caroline Pratt’s story will enliven courses on history of education, foundations of early childhood education, and women’s history topics.

List of Illustrations – Acknowledgments – List of Abbreviations – Prologue – Introduction – Growing up in Fayetteville – Teachers College, New York: Formal Education Training – Living and Learning in Philadelphia – Greenwich Village: A New Philosophical Home – Defining and Enacting a Radical Educational Philosophy – Education Practices at the City and Country School – Caroline Pratt’s Influence in the Progressive – The Private Caroline Pratt – The Legacy of Caroline Pratt and the City and Country School – Appendix A: Methodology Notes – Appendix B: Publications of Caroline Pratt – Appendix C: Unit Blocks – Bibliography – Index.