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Cross-Cultural Travel

Papers from the Royal Irish Academy- Symposium on Literature and Travel- National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2002


Jane Conroy

Cross-Cultural Travel presents the proceedings of a major international conference on literature and travel held in November 2002 at the National University of Ireland, under the auspices of the Royal Irish Academy. The contributors, including such leading scholars as Joep Leerssen and Luigi Monga, illustrate the remarkable scope and vitality of work currently undertaken in the field. Cross-Cultural Travel is a multidisciplinary crossroads where literature, cultural studies and history engage with a variety of other disciplines. Topics range from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century and from constructions in fiction and poetry to the testimonies of explorers, diplomats, servants of Empire, journalists, artists, tourists, or established writers. Among the authors featured are Rousseau, Heine, Hugo, Sand, Svevo, Cela, Ingeborg Bachmann, Barthes, Tabucchi, Chatwin, Allende, and Sebald. Taken together, these fifty essays illuminate the processes of identity formation, whether the great lines of national identity or the personal edges of awareness. They explore over time differing relationships to the physical world, experiences of cultural difference, and the interplay between the subject’s mobility and its textualization.
Contents: Joep Leerssen: Between skin and horizon – Luigi Monga: Translating the journey: a literary perspective on truth in cartography – Simone Testa: Travellers’ accounts, historians and ambassadors in the sixteenth century – Daniel Carey: Travel, identity, and cultural difference, 1580-1700 – Michael Harrigan: Cabinet and collection in the seventeenth-century ‘récit de voyage en Orient’ – Michael Crozier Shaw: ‘A tour no man will attempt twice’: travelling in Spain in the eighteenth century – Darach J. Sanfey: ‘Le plaisir d’aller sans savoir où...’: Rousseau on travel – Alison E. Martin: German travel writing and the rhetoric of sensibility: Karl Philipp Moritz’s Reisen eines Deutschen in England im Jahr 1782 – Isolde Mueller: Destination modernity: Sophie La Roche’s trips through Switzerland (1784), France (1785) and Germany (1792) – David Denby: Enlightenment travel accounts: Constantin de Volney – Tania Manca: Europe discovers one of its islands: Sardinia – Sylvie Kleinman: The accidental tourist: Theobald Wolfe Tone’s secret mission to Paris, 1796 – Jane Conroy: Changing perspectives: French travellers in Ireland, 1785-1835 – Marc Serge Rivière/Jenny O’Connor: A French Catholic liberal view of Ireland in 1830: Charles de Montalembert’s Journal intime – Eoin Bourke: ‘The Niobe of Nations!’ - a bio-bibliographical survey of German travellers in Ireland, 1806-1850 – Sebastian Stumpf: Hero worship: German political ‘pilgrims’ pay tribute to O’Connell and Co. – Anne E. O’Brien: Lady Morgan’s travel writing on Italy: a novel approach – Susan Pickford: Writing the route: Heinrich Heine’s Die Harzreise (1826) – Angela Ryan: George Sand’s Majorcan travel diary: the poetics of movement in Un Hiver à Majorque – Fiona Cox: Shadows over the Rhine: Hugo’s reading of Virgil’s First Eclogue – Alan English: Travel as impetus for poetic innovation and experimentation - the case of modern French poetry – Ann Neville: Ernest Renan and the rediscovery of the Phoenicians – Sinéad Furlong: ‘[Paris] s’offre à vos regards et vous sollicite’: pleasure in the parks - women, travel guides, and nineteenth-century Paris – Barbara Wright: Travel as mission: the building of the Suez Canal, as seen by Narcisse Berchère – Claire Moran: From the exotic Other to the unconscious: Otherness in the work of Odilon Redon – Paola Sannino: The images, myths and reality of the modernized Western world in Yiddish travel literature between 1870 and 1914 – Theo Harden: How real is real? Karl May’s virtual travels – David Scott: Semiologies of travel: nostalgies du symbole – Brian Moloney: Italo Svevo (commercial) traveller – Charles Forsdick: Hidden journeys: gender, genre and twentieth-century travel literature in French – Siobhán Shilton: Reconstructing elsewhere: travel and the representation of l’Indochine française – Susanne Ledanff: Travels to the Metropolis: traditions of reports on European cities and their climax in the period of New Sobriety – Alvaro Jaspe: Manuel Graña in Ireland 1922: a Spanish perspective on Irish Independence and Civil War – R. Seth C. Knox: A political tourist visits the future: Ernst Toller’s Russian and American travels near the end of the Weimar Republic – Stanley Black: Exiles, travellers and tourists: travel-writing in post-war Spain – Tom Quinn: Postcards from Russia: the vision of Russia in Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s early pamphlets – Michael Eggers: Presenting the past: