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«on the subject of the feminist business»

re-reading Flannery O’Connor

Teresa Caruso

«On the subject of the feminist business»: Re-Reading Flannery O’Connor is a groundbreaking collection of critical essays that responds to mainstream feminist theory in approaching O’Connor’s fiction. These innovative readings provide a fresh reappraisal of O’Connor’s work, revealing how she defies the patriarchal Southern culture in which she lived with brilliantly subversive depictions of the women who inhabited her world.
Contents: Teresa Caruso: Introduction: «On the subject of the feminist business» – Robert Donahoo: O’Connor and The Feminine Mystique: «The Limitations That Reality Imposed» – Virginia Wray: Flannery O’Connor’s Struggle with Patriarchal Culture – Margaret D. Bauer: The Betrayal of Ruby Hill and Hulga Hopewell: Recognizing Feminist Concerns in «A Stroke of Good Fortune» and «Good Country People» – Marshall Bruce Gentry: How Sacred Is the Violence in «A View of the Woods»? – Dawn Keetley: «I forgot what I done»: Repressed Anger and Violent Fantasy in «A Good Man Is Hard to Find» – Natalie Wilson: Misfit Bodies and Errant Gender: The Corporeal Feminism of Flannery O’Connor – Christine Atkins: Educating Hulga: Re-Writing Seduction in «Good Country People» – Avis Hewitt: «Ignoring Unmistakable Likeness»: Mark Fortune’s Miss-Fortune in «A View of the Woods» – J. June Schade: Survival in a Patriarchal World.