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A Complete Guide to the Industry


William A. Richter

From payola to podcasting, from the advertising office to the DJ booth to the station antenna, Radio: A Complete Guide to the Industry offers a concise, one-stop introduction to all aspects of the radio industry. Readers are taken on a lively tour of radio’s history from the early experiments with wireless to today’s satellite and digital radio. Industry veteran William A. Richter brings readers inside the typical station to explain who does what and how all the pieces fit together. The book also includes some brief interviews from working professionals for more perspective. Richter explains how ratings work, gives an overview of the major industry players, and guides readers through FCC regulations and other ethical and legal issues that impact radio.
Written in a crisp, easy style, and including glossaries in each chapter, Radio is well suited for a range of courses on radio. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in radio, from aspiring college DJs to general managers of radio stations.

In the Beginning – The Beginning of Radio Programming – Radio Comes of Age – Who Is Listening and Why? – Commercial versus Noncommercial Radio – Is There Anybody out There? – Analog to Digital and Back – The FCC: Exactly What Does It Do? – Libel and Other Laws – Media Ethics – Can Anyone Really Be Unbiased? – The Big Dogs – Notes – Index.