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The European's Burden

Global Imperialism in EU Expansion

Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro

Writings on the EU (European Union) are largely celebratory hagiographies reflecting long-discredited narratives of progress, lacking global perspective and critical incisiveness, while critical works either remain too narrowly focused or ignore EU enlargement altogether. This edited volume brings together a diverse array of critical perspectives in the analysis of EU enlargement. The novelty of these studies is in their multifaceted and nuanced explanations of EU enlargement as a particular form of empire building. Each author demonstrates this process by examining the cultural, political, and economic practices, both within and beyond Europe, that constitute this form of empire.
Contents: Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro: The European Union as Empire – Olivier Thomas Kramsch: Postcolonial Shadow Plays in the Dutch-German Borderlands – Hannes Hofbauer: EU Enlargement: Political Recognition of an Economic Process – Samir Amin: The Geopolitics of the New Collective Imperialism of the Triad: The Middle East, the EU, and US Imperialism – Andre Gunder Frank: The Soviet Union and Me – Jeff Sommers: The Entropy of Order: The Contested Terrain of EU Enlargement – József Böröcz: East European Entrants to the EU: Diffidently Yours – Attila Melegh: Perspectives on the East-West Slope in the Process of EU Accession – Ulrich Best: Between Cross-Border Cooperation and Neocolonialism: EU Enlargement and Polish-German Relations – Melinda Kovács: The Selfless Self: Constructions of the EU in Its Yearly Reports, 1998-2002 – Merje Kuus: The Double Enlargement and the Remapping of the East – Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro: «A Family of Democratic European Countries»: Coercion, Plunder, and Accumulation in the Development and Expansion of the EU.