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The Spectacle of Accumulation

Essays in Culture, Media, and Politics

Sut Jhally

Sut Jhally’s influential work as an activist, writer, film producer, and educator has had a far-reaching impact on the course and concerns of media criticism. This volume offers an essential collection of his writings. Jhally’s work exhibits an engaged and ongoing concern with social justice, cultural politics, and public pedagogy. The Spectacle of Accumulation captures the full range of Jhally’s thought and covers a variety of issues including the role of advertising in contemporary life, the cultural politics of sport, race, and gender coding in the coverage of current events, and the power of media education to name just a few of the themes covered in this crucial, new work. In addition to his key writings, this book includes a foreword by Henry Giroux as well as three interviews offering a fresh perspective on Jhally’s work.