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Latina/o Communication Studies Today

Angharad N. Valdivia

This book brings together contemporary and exciting research within communication and Latina/o studies. Written in a clear, accessible manner and based on original research drawn from a broad range of paradigms – from textual analysis to reception studies and political economy – Latina/o Communication Studies Today provides an invaluable resource and excellent case studies for those already conducting research and teaching in Latina/o communication studies. The media studied include radio, television, cinema, magazines, and newspapers.
Contents: Angharad N. Valdivia: Is My Butt Your Island? The Myth of Discovery and Contemporary Latina/o Communication Studies – Mary Beltrán: When Dolores Del Rio Became Latina: Latina/o Stardom in Hollywood’s Transition to Sound – Mari Castañeda: The Importance of Spanish-Language and Latino Media – Bernadette Marie Calafell: Performing the Responsible Sponsor: Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Immigration Post-9/11 – Shane T. Moreman: Hybrid Performativity, South and North of the Border: Entre la teoría y la materialidad de hibridación – Isabel Molina Guzmán: Policing the Latina/o Other: Latinidad in Prime-Time News Coverage of the Elián González Story – Katynka Z. Martínez: Real Women and Their Curves: Letters to the Editor and a Magazine’s celebration of the «Latina Body» – Dolores Inés Casillas: A Morning Dose of Latino Masculinity: U.S. Spanish-language Radio and the Politics of Gender – Lucila Vargas: Media Practices and Gendered Identity among Transnational Latina Teens – David González Hernández: Watching Over the Border: A Case Study of the Mexico-U.S. Television and Youth Audience – María Elena Cepeda: Survival Aesthetics: U.S. Latinas and the Negotiation of Popular Media – Jillian M. Báez: Mexican (American) Women Talk Back: Audience Responses to Latinidad in U.S. Advertising.